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  • A network analyzer is a tool used to monitor, analyze, and capture network data flows. It can help network administrators diagnose various network problems. Its main functions include: packet capture and analysis, traffic analysis and optimization, network bottleneck and fault diagnosis, etc.


  • Network analyzers have many functions and are widely used. They are indispensable in many industries. They are mainly used to measure the linear characteristics of wireless radio frequency (RF) components and equipment. In addition, they can also be used for:


  • ​ENA Vector Network Analyzer is a high-end microwave analysis instrument commonly used to test the performance of various microwave circuits and equipment. ENA is a series of products from Keysight Technologies, which provides high-precision S-parameter (scattering parameter) measurement, phase, amplitude balance, noise figure, component loss and many other measurement indicators, and has achieved growth in speed and accuracy.


  • Microwave Spectrum Analyzer is an instrument used to measure the frequency, power, distortion, spectral bandwidth and other parameters of electromagnetic waves in the microwave frequency range. It is usually used in microwave circuit design, radar systems, wireless communications and other fields, and is a very commonly used testing tool.


  • ​Signal and Spectrum Analyzer is a device that measures electrical signals and spectrum. It is commonly used in fields such as wireless communication systems, microwave circuit design, radar systems, and medical equipment. Its main functions include measuring signal power, spectrum shape, modulation mode, frequency and other parameters.


  • ​N5222BT is one of the PNA (network analyzer) series products launched by Keysight Technologies. According to Keysight Technologies official information, the manufacturing process of N5222BT mainly includes the following steps: