R&S ZNA50 Vector Network Analyzers
  • R&S ZNA50 Vector Network AnalyzersR&S ZNA50 Vector Network Analyzers
  • R&S ZNA50 Vector Network AnalyzersR&S ZNA50 Vector Network Analyzers
  • R&S ZNA50 Vector Network AnalyzersR&S ZNA50 Vector Network Analyzers

R&S ZNA50 Vector Network Analyzers

As the professional manufacturer, we would like to provide you R&S ZNA50 Vector Network Analyzers. The R&S®ZNA vector network analyzers are the high-end series of the R&S VNA portfolio: excellent RF-performance is combined with a wide range of software features and a unique hardware concept.

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Product Description

The touch-only operation together with the DUT-centric approach makes the R&S®ZNA to a powerful, universal and compact measurement system for characterizing both, passive and active devices.

R&S ZNA50 Vector Network Analyzers

Models Ports Frequency Connectors
Order number 1332.4500.52
2 ports 10 MHz to 50 GHz 2.4 mm(m)
Order number 1332.4500.54
2 ports 10 MHz to 50 GHz 2.4 mm(m)

Key facts

10 MHz to 26.5/43.5/50/67 GHz (R&S®ZNA26/43/50/67)

Two or four port models available

Excellent RF-performance

Up to four integrated sources

Unique and intuitive touch-only operation

Excellent RF-performance

High performance and fast speed for advanced measurement tasks

Precise measurements on active and passive components

Wide dynamic range to characterize even high-blocking devices under test

Excellent stability, low trace noise and outstanding raw system data for high reliability

High accuracy suitable also for metrology applications

Wide power sweep range

R&S®ZNA43 with four ports and direct channel access

Versatile hardware options

Powerful and universal measurement system

Optional direct channel access for wide dynamic range, external test setups and system integration

Up to four internal phase-coherent sources for high flexibility and short sweep times

Up to two internal receiver LOs for fast mixer measurements with low trace noise

Up to eight independent receivers for reliable multi-channel phase measurements

Up to four internal pulse modulators and pulse generators

Optional source and receiver step attenuators for expanding the usable power range

Wide range of software options

Challenging measurements configured intuitively

Time domain analysis and extended features as eye diagram for signal integrity

Scalar mixer measurements and frequency converting measurements

Vector mixer measurements for advanced mixer measurements

Frequency converting measurements on mixers/converters without LO access

Spectrum analysis mode for an extensive analysis of the device under test

Real Time Measurement uncertainty calculation plus verification measurement (METAS VNA Tools)

Unique operational concept

Intuitive touch-based operation with sophisticated user interface

Two independent touchscreens for convenient operation

Display of user-selected content (e.g. SCPI commands) on smaller screen possible

Efficient operation with muli-touch gestures

Free configuration of channels, diagrams with drag-and-drop

DUT-centric approach that adapts to the user’s requirements and optimizes the settings

Extensive evaluation features for detailed analysis of measurement traces

Extension units

Advanced measurement capabilities

Frequency extension up to 1.1 THz with the R&S®ZVA-Z and R&S®ZC converter families.

Accessories for a complete solution

Different accessories for calibration, verification and different measurements

Mechanical calibration and verification kits

Automatic calibration units

Inline calibration units for in-situ refresh of calibration data

Test cables

Torque wrenches

Support of R&S®NRP power sensor family

Automatic calibration unit, power sensor and calibation mixer.

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